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Conference on The Economics of Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain Distributed


Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge
The Cambridge-INET Institute


The Economics of Distributed Ledger Technology

Virtual Conference, Saturday March 28th 2020

Organisers:   Professor Sanjeev Goyal, Dr Melvyn Weeks and David Minarsch

Morning Session

8:30-9:00 Registration and Coffee
9:00-9:20 Opening Address
  Speaker: To Be Confirmed

Economic Principles of Blockchain Technology

9:20 General Economics of Blockchain
  Speaker: Joseph Abadi (Princeton)
  Blockchain Economics | Paper
  Chair: Jonathan Ward
10:00 Economics of Consensus Mechanisms
  Speaker: Bruno Biais (Toulouse School of Economics)
  The Blockchain Folk Theorem | Paper 1 | Paper 2
  Chair: Fred Moisan
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Transaction Fees & Market Structure
  Speaker: Gur Huberman (Columbia Business School)
  An Economic Analysis of the Bitcoin Payment System | Paper
11:40 Governance
  Speaker: Stephanie Hurder (Prysm Group)
  Blockchain Upgrade as a Coordination Game | Paper
  Chair: David Galindo
12:20 Lunch

Afternoon Session

Applications of Distributed Ledger Technology


Finance and Payment Systems

  Speaker: Leonid Kogan (MIT)
  Decentralised Payment Systems: Principles and Design
  Chair: Jinhua Wang
14:10 Markets for Information
  Speakers: Dirk Bergemann (Yale)
  The Economics of Social Data | Paper
  Chair: Melvyn Weeks
14:50 Coffee Break


  Speaker: Professor Philipp Sandner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
  The Role of the CFO of an Industrial Company: An Analysis of the Impact of Blockchain Technology | Paper
  Chair: David Minarsch
15:50 Regulation
  Speaker: Ann Sofie Cloots (University of Cambridge)
  Distributed Ledger Technology & the Law: The Limits of coding Law and the Law of Code
16:30 Break
16:40 Autonomous Agents and Machine-Based Economies: A Practitioners Perspective
  Speaker: Nik Scharmann (Bosch)
  Speaker: John Calian (T-Labs)

Panel Session


Practitioners in the DLT Space


Blockchain Distributed